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The 5 letter word that makes all the difference...... SLEEP

One of the common things people who come to see me talk about is sleep (or their lack of it). Sleep really can make all the difference to how you’re feeling at any given time. If you’re not getting enough then you’re sure to be feeling very ‘out of sorts’.

The trouble is that some people don’t realise they’re not getting enough until it’s too late and it’s caught up with them. Depression, anxiety, irritability, problems with digestion can all be brought on or aggravated by a lack of sleep.

so here’s my top tips for getting a better nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

1) Set the right atmosphere.

Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature. If it’s too hot or cold you’ll struggle to get off to sleep. It’s usually best to have your room slightly cooler than normal room temperature. Make sure your room is quiet. If that’s not possible buy some ear plugs. Have your bed fitted with nice clean sheets, cotton is usually best.

2) Preparation is key

Prepare for sleep in advance. Try to get some exercise throughout the day. Avoid sugar in the evening and stay away from caffeine at night too. Avoid alcohol at night as well as it may make you feel tired but you’ll get a restless sleep as the alcohol wears off. If you can, practice some form of meditation in the evening to switch off your anxious thoughts.

3) Turn off your gadgets.

Try to turn off your electronic gadgets. If you can’t then put them somewhere out of reach until the morning. The problem with electronic screen-time is that the blue backlight interferes with your brains melatonin production, tricking you into feeling like it’s still daytime. Try to get lots of natural sunlight during the earlier part of the day. This should establish the right rhythm your body needs to nod off at night time.

4) Get into a routine.

Try to establish a regular routine for going to bed every night and waking up every morning. If you can’t get to sleep straight away try reading a few pages of a book. Sticking to a regular bed time will eventually get your body into a habit of winding down before bed time.

Good luck and sweet dreams 😴😴😴

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