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What is Seperation Anxiety?

Babies and toddlers often get clingy and cry if you or their other carers leave them, even for a short time.

Separation anxiety and fear of strangers is common in young children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, but it's a normal part of your child's development and they usually grow out of it.

Separation Anxiety is also seen in adults and older children. Adults & Children with separation anxiety may have extreme fear that bad things will happen to important people in their lives, such as family members and in some cases they maybe diagnosed as having child or adult separation anxiety disorder.

Signs and symptoms


It’s normal to be concerned about the well-being of loved ones. People with adult separation anxiety disorder experience high levels of anxiety, and sometimes even panic attacks, when loved ones are out of reach.People with this disorder may be socially withdrawn, or show extreme sadness or difficulty concentrating when away from loved ones. In parents, the disorder can lead to strict, over-involved parenting. In relationships, you may be more likely to be an overbearing partner.

  • unfounded fears that loved ones, or yourself, will be abducted or fatally injured

  • extreme and persistent hesitancy or refusal to leave the proximity of loved ones

  • difficulty sleeping away from a loved one for fear that something will happen to them

  • depression or anxiety attacks related to any of the above topics

Can Hypnotherapy help? 

Hypnotherapy can provide support during tough times to assist both children and adults suffering from separation anxiety disorder.

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