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What is Weight Management?

Weight management techniques encompass long-term lifestyle strategies that promote healthy eating and daily physical activity. Effective weight management strategies consider not only weight loss toward but also the maintenance of a healthy body weight over time

Eating disorder

Having an eating disorder can feel very lonely and isolating. Many sufferers try to keep their behaviours a secret because they feel shame and embarrassment about what they do, or because they believe other people will judge them.

You may feel that your disordered eating behaviour gives you a sense of control when life gets a little crazy. You may also feel the contradiction of knowing that what you do is not healthy and not what you want for your life, but at the same time you feel your eating disorder gives you a feeling of power and strength.

Or perhaps you have a friend, partner or child who suffers from an eating disorder. You may not understand the best way to support them, and feel helpless watching them suffer from the ravages of their disordered eating.

Body image

Body image refers to how you personally perceive the appearance of your body in terms of size and shape, as well as, how you feel about your body features.

Your body perception evolves throughout the lifespan and it is influenced by societal and cultural factors. If you feel bad about your body, you may experience body dissatisfaction.

This can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and self-worth, causing anxiety and low mood.

Weight loss

Has your weight been a struggle for too much of your life? Have you been on countless diets, your weight yo-yo-ing endlessly up and down? Do you feel helpless, and struggle to believe that you will ever be able to break your unhappy relationship with food, eating, weight and your body?

Our weight loss therapy keeps your struggle with weight at the forefront of therapy. There may well be other issues that underlie your eating behaviour, such as anxiety, depression or low self-worth that will need to be worked through for real change to take place. We will help you explore the big picture of what has contributed to, and now maintains, your struggle with weight. 

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