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Sam Corrigan BSc (Hons) 

Psycho-therapeutic Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

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An Accredited Psycho-theraputic Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

I successfully qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist after achieving a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology. Whilst studying I worked full time for Norfolk County Council in a social care team as an Occupational Therapist Assistant supporting families with children with disabilities. I have had many years experience as a practitioner including my last job role, before becoming self-employed, working for a private company supporting children with development trauma, sensory processing and attachment difficulties.

Over the years I have developed skills that have supported many people, and empowered parents to manage difficulties they face on a daily basis. I pride myself on building a good rapport with the children and adults I support and feel this is essential to a successful outcome to therapy. Therapy is a two-way process, client and therapist working together, I guide the client in the direction they wish to go and tailor the therapy around individual needs. My therapeutic approach will enable re-framing of thought processes and promote positive thinking and changes.
In today’s society, mental health is one of the most growing public health concerns, with 1 in 4 of us suffering from anxiety or depression at some point in our life. It is more common than we care to discuss.

A few years ago, I personally experienced difficulties with anxiety and depression which caused me to have some time off work. In the hunt in finding a solution, I researched methods online and found myself reading about the positive affects of hypnotherapy to support anxiety and depression. I decided to try it and had six sessions and haven’t looked back since! I also practice Mindfulness and understand the power of relaxation. I've also learnt how to respect myself improved my self belief!

Accredited Psycho-therpautic Counsellor

Samantha Corrigan BSc Hons

Psycho Therapeutic Counselling supports a person’s presenting issues on a deeper level. If you think of a problem like an onion, peeling each layer off and understand its meaning, you will eventually get to the core of the problem. Psycho Therapeutic Counselling has many approaches that can support crucial understandings enabling the client to learn about why they think, feel and behave the way they do, it also works with underlying attachment and relational issues, this support steers towards a journey of self discovery.

Ali Harvey

I cannot recommend Sam enough, a very professional and caring lady

Hannah Turner.jpg

Hannah Turner

Sam is absolutely fantastic, completely change my mindset would recommend to everyone

Dawn Sandell.jpg

Dawn Sandell

As all the reviews have said Sam puts you at ease straight away.

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