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We need to talk

I visited East Coast College this morning to represent Samaritans for Mental Health week. I am always humbled by peoples positivity, compassion, empathy and acceptance of people who suffer from mental health issues.

I dont think there has ever been a time in history where we as a society have grouped together as much as we do nowadays to help those who suffer. Yet we are still nowhere near where we need to be in terms of funding and services to our communities.

But it I genuinely believe we as a society have shifted in our desire to talk about mental health and the things which trouble us. People are beginning to talk more and more openly about depression, anxiety and other conditions free from stigma and old out of date beliefs.

Its great, but there are still so many people, usually men who are either afraid or too proud to admit they have a problem. There seems to be an old way of thinking among some men (and women) which deems anyone with a mental health issue as being weak in some way.

This couldnt be farther from the truth. There are many reasons for someone experiencing problems with their mental health and anyone who is struggling is usually far stronger than they believe they are. So if you’re going through some form of suffering, don’t go through it alone. Samaritans are here for you 24/7 365 days a year. Tel 116 123 or visit the charity website

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